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Flexity Consulting is a product services company, helping you to succeed by providing the support for you to get the right products to market effectively at the right time. This is achieved through providing expert support in all aspects of product management throughout all stages of the lifecycle, both at management and functional levels.


Flexity Consulting has many years experience working with many products and markets, with the greatest experience in communications, IT and technology companies. Specific expertise has included Managed Services, Hosting, Cloud Computing, Contact Centres, Telecare and software solutions.


With a range of services covering the whole spectrum of product management, product marketing and product design Flexity Consulting can help you achieve your goals.


Delivering benefits in three key areas:

Consultancy advising on getting products to market in the most optimal way

Delivery services helping you to manage the product business and successfully launch products

Design support to ensure the products you have are developed with the end customer in mind

Flexity helping technology companies to grow